Ruby Ibarra – Circa91

Ruby Ibarra – Circa91

Been a fan of Ruby Ibarra for years, hell since she was known as Fobanese that was her old moniker and also her name on AznRaps a site me and her posted on. A full review will be coming.

Check out her music below.
CIRCA91 by Ruby Ibarra


All Songs Written by Ruby Ibarra
Executive Produced by Fatgums and Ruby Ibarra
Recorded at the Beatrock Music Compound, Inglewood, CA and Ruby’s Pad, Antioch, CA
Mixed and Arranged by Fatgums at the Beatrock Music Compound, Inglewood, CA
Mastered by Jared Hirshland at JLH Audio Services, Los Angeles, CA
Interlude Sound Design by Fatgums + Gammaray (Ray Sutton at Gamma Sound, San Francisco, CA)
Album Photography by Jaymar Elen (@jmrln) and Donna Ibarra (@sheselle) Album Art Layout by Bambu

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